ThermiTight is a revolutionary skin tightening technology designed to firm and lift sagging skin on the face, neck, arms, abdomen and other areas of the body. Over time, the natural aging process, environmental factors and weight fluctuations cause a loss of elasticity in the skin. ThermiTight is a non-surgical solution for loose skin that uses radiofrequency energy to tighten and contour the face and body. It is micro-invasive and leaves no scars or stitches, making it a popular choice for patients who desire the youthful look of a facelift without the risks and downtime of such an invasive procedure. In fact, ThermiTight requires no downtime at all.


All Largo ThermiTight procedure performed at our office are administered by a board-certified physician. To start, we cleanse the treatment area and numb the skin with a local anesthetic. We then place a thin probe beneath the skin, through which radiofrequency energy safely heats the dermal tissues. We continually monitor both the internal and surface temperature of the skin to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the procedure. At the targeted temperature, the RF energy stimulates collagen production and also causes the skin to contract and tighten.

Recovery and Results

There is very little downtime associated with ThermiTight in Largo. It is normal to experience some temporary numbness and swelling in the days immediately following treatment, though any discomfort is minimal and generally manageable with over the counter medications. Most patients can return to work or other normal activities immediately after a ThermiTight treatment.

The effects of ThermiTight will begin to appear within a few weeks, with results continuing to improve for up to a year or more after the procedure. Though the natural aging process will continue, the nature of the ThermiTight process changes the actual composition of treated tissues, essentially turning back time on your appearance and providing long-lasting results.

In most cases, only one Largo ThermiTight treatment is necessary to achieve desired results. If additional tightening or lifting is desired, patients can undergo second and subsequent treatments in the future.


ThermiTight is safe for use on all skin types and nearly every area of the body. Since the procedure is micro-invasive and requires only a local anesthetic instead of sedation, it is safe for most people who are in good health. However, there is a risk of bruising – especially in people who take blood thinning medications.

For more information about ThermiTight and whether it could be right for you, contact our office to schedule a consultation. We look forward to serving you soon.



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Glabella lines are usually the first wrinkles on our forehead that we start to notice. Thermirase is a minimally invasive procedure as Botox alternative for glabellar frown lines.
It is an injectable radio frequency treatment which takes less then one hour to perform. The results are immediate, with a more natural look. After the procedure the glabellar muscles are not as strong to cause deep frown lines without a frozen look.

There is a 3 to 5 days of down time in which there can be minimal bruising and swelling. This procedure is great for people who do not want to use a toxin in their face, who wish to achieve a more permanent result, and for those which Botox is no longer working. If the muscle movement does not return within the first year the result will last for years. So in the long run the procedure costs less than Botox.

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